Come and enter the Regatta! There are races for yachts, rowing boats, inflatable tenders, paddleboards and more! See the Programme page for details.


The dinghy race starts on Saturday 3rd September at 1130 near Crableck Beacon in the River Hamble. 
Boats will race downstream and turn to race back to the finish line which is close to  Warsash Sailing Club.
There are seven starts for different classes of dinghies. The first three boats in each class will win a prize. The River Hamble Combined Clubs (RHCC) will also award their ‘Cock of the River’ Trophy for the boat that comes first in its class, beating the second placed boat by the greatest corrected time margin
Click on the links below to see more and also please read the safety information in the Notice of Race below.


The keelboat race starts from Bald Head buoy on Sunday 4th September.
The race starts at 1100 and there are four starts, Old Gaffers,  two handicap fleets and the XODs.  The keelboat race finishes at Bald Head buoy.
The SCRA website is also an excellent resource and contains links to charts depicting Solent Marks.
Click on the links below for more information about the race and the safety information in the Notice of Race below.

GIG RAcing

To enter the Gig raceplease use the link below


For events on Kipper Pond you just turn up on the start line at the right time! No need to pre enter and there is no fee.
If you have an inflatable tender, rigid rowing boat, paddleboard or other suitable vessel come and join in the fun.
And if you’d like to wear a pirate hat or any other Caribbean-style fancy dress, you won’t be alone!
The events kick off at 2.00pm and run quickly one after the other, there are no set times after the first race, so keep an eye on what’s happening and be sure to listen out for your race to be announced.
All the races are listed on the PROGRAMME page.

The Regatta has 21 trophies to present: 18 for sailing, 3 for rowing and one for the best dressed yacht. Some are over 75 years old and the Victor Ludorum trophy (presented for the best overall rowing performance) has a silver hallmark of 1867.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the trophies are the names inscribed on them – a long list of names from the past including several British Olympic medallists.  We pay tribute to all of those who have contributed to the success of past Regattas, and here’s to many more years to come!

Many of the trophies were presented by local supporters of the regatta, including The Alwyn Foulkes and J A Foulkes (father and uncle of Glyn). Among the other grand trophies were those presented by Monty Bradshaw, F Deacon, Stanley Steele, Don Smy and the Montefiore family. The boatyard sheave, the Miles Arnott and Geoff Pack trophies were all made by the Elephant Boatyard.

If you were a trophy winner last year, please ensure you return your trophy to either the Elephant Boatyard office or Warsash Sailing Club by the end of July.  We want to be able to present the trophies to the new winners at the prize giving.  If you wish to get your trophy engraved with your name, please do this before returning it.